Platinum Rental LLC

Platinum Rental, LLC was founded in 2008 and leads the way in the RTO (Rent-To-Own) business for all of your portable storage building needs. Our goal is to foster valued relationships with customers as well as manufacturers for a long-term partnership.

Do YOU need somewhere to put your tractor, lawn mower, or motorcycle?

Do YOU need a man cave or hunting cabin, a she shed or sewing room?

If you can’t afford to purchase a storage building, this is where Platinum Rental comes in!  We let you use your building while renting to own it!

The end goal is for it to be YOURS!

The Choice is Yours!

Platinum Rental offers budget-friendly plans. With no hidden fees or surprises, customers have the option of a 36, 48, or 60 month agreement to Rent-To-Own their portable storage building.

36 Months

48 Months

60 Months

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